Role-playing Questionnaire
Have you ever played a pencil and paper role-playing game?
No  Yes
Do you play computer or consol games?
No  Yes
Do you play board games?
No  Yes
What is your impression of role-playing games?
(Check all appropriate boxes)
Fun and entertaining
Boosts creativity
Generally positive
Easy to play
I've not heard about role-playing games until now.
Dulls the mind
Evil, perhaps even satanic.
Difficult to play
How often do you play role-playing games?
If you have never played a role-playing game before you can skip the following section. Just press the submit button below.
Do you ever play as a GM / DM / Story Teller?
No  Yes
Do you download content for role-playing games?
No  Yes
If you download content, what are you interested in?
Campaign Settings
Character Generators
Character Sketches
Mini Games
Paper Models
Pre-made Characters
Rules Supplements
Tips and Guides
Other (Please fill in below)
If you don't download content for your games, why not?
It feels like piracy
Too expensive
Poor Quality
I'd rather create my own
Poor variety
Never thought about it before
Prefer hard copy
Have enough stuff
Just not interested
Other (Please fill in below)
Do you read blogs about role-playing?
No  Yes
Please feel free to add any additional comments or thoughts below.